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3D Modelling

Blender 3D is the name of the software programme used in our 3D Modelling class. It allows you to create 3D objects and it is also possible to animate these objects. Our collection of work contains seven assignments done throuout the year. It is worth 60% of our final grade for the module.

This video is of a car I animated as part of my collection of work.

Image Processing

Adobe Photoshop is the name of the software programme used in our Image Processing class. It can be used to edit existing photos or to create digital art using a drawing tablet. For this class there are a total of nine assignments. Each is worth 5% and the project is worth 20%. A learner record must also be submitted with each assignment.

I repaired and added colour to this image as part of one of my assignments.


Web Authoring

Adobe Dreamweaver is the name of the programme used in our Web Authoring class. It gives the user code to add in instead of manually typing out everything. This saves time in the coding process. The Web Authoring class is graded on one assignment worth 30% and the project worth 70%. This site is my project.

This is a screenshot of a webpage I created for a class task. Please note that it was taken at 50% in order to display the full contents of the page.


Multimedia Authoring

Adobe Animate is the software used for Multimedia Authoring. It's used for animation but it can be used to make websites too. Like Web Authoring, the final grade is also based on a 30% assignment and a 70% project.

This video is my poster assignment for multimedia authoring.